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"Today's human rights violations are the sources of tomorrow's conflicts." Mary Robinson 11 Nov 97
"A right is not what someone gives you. It is what no-one can take away from you." Ramsey Clark, US Attorney General, 1974
"I make a fuss about Gibraltar when I don't want Spaniards looking at me" Gen. F. Franco, date unknown
"Spain is not a democracy for Gibraltarian purposes" John Borda, GAG, 2002


  1. Denial of fundamental European Union rights to Gibraltarians. New- Right to vote in EU elections upheld by EU court!
  2. Maintaining a government department dedicated to sabotaging Gibraltar's economy and to designing sanctions against us. Funded to the tune of about 0.5 billion GBP (125 billion pesetas/0.7 billion euro).
  3. Intermittent refusal to accept the Rock's territorial waters. See map
  4. Refusal to accept Gibraltar's police, courts and legal system.
  5. Constant attempts to exclude Gibraltar from EU Directives.
  6. Constant attempts to deny Gibraltar membership of international sporting bodies and blocking participation in international sporting, cultural and political events.
  7. Blaming Gibraltar whenever large organised crime groups are arrested on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Crime). These groups are attracted to Spain because of its highly developed black economy and lax money-laundering laws.
  8. Persistent attempts to undermine the Rock's Finance Centre. See how successful they've been!
  9. Attempts to block any EU measures which could confirm the separate existence of Gibraltar's administrative and jurisdictional systems.
  10. The long term effects of the Amsterdam Treaty.
  11. Restriction of availability of telephone lines via the Cadiz international exchange and refusal to recognise Gibraltar’s international 350 code, also forbids Telefonica from signing "roaming" agreements with Gibraltar mobile phone companies.  This is subject to an EU investigation and litigation. (lifted after Cordoba Agreement)
  12. Refusal to admit Gibraltar to participation in Anglo-Spanish negotiations about its future status. (lifted 2004 for tripartite talks)
  13. Attempts to sow animosity between Gibraltarians and the people of the neighboring Campo area.
  14. Occasionally throwing British citizens in jail for 48 hours without charge or explanation.  This is usually limited to men travelling alone.
  15. Banning the import of wine bottled in Gibraltar. (Restriction coincided with opening of a wine bottling plant in Gibraltar) See the funny side!


  1. Refusal to allow air links with Spain. (lifted after Cordoba Agreement)
  2. Refusal to allow Gibraltar to participate in EC 'Open Skies' Directive or other EU aviation measures. (lifted after Cordoba Agreement)
  3. Refusal, despite NATO membership, to allow British military aircraft to use Spanish airspace See map
  4. Refusal to allow international passenger flights to Gibraltar airport other than from the United Kingdom and Morocco. (lifted after Cordoba Agreement)
  5. If a flight to Gibraltar is diverted to Malaga, freight, including mail and coffins containing the deceased, cannot be unloaded. (lifted after Cordoba Agreement)
  6. Maintaining restricted air corridors to land at Gibraltar airport. See map

Other travel

  1. Refusal to accept ID cards, driving licences and passports issued in Gibraltar, unless marked "United Kingdom".
  2. Refusal to re-establish maritime links with Spain. (lifted after Cordoba Agreement)
  3. Awkward attitude towards use of collective passports for school children parties entering Spain.
  4. Attempts to exclude Gibraltar from 'Monti Package' of EU directives on free movement of people.
  5. Ambivalent attitude to passport and customs checks.
  6. Intolerable delays at the frontier not only affecting the every day lives of those who live and work in and around Gibraltar but also restricting in bound tourism. This is subject to an EU investigation.
  7. "Confiscation" (i.e. theft) of people's property without receipt by Customs officials.  This is usually drink and tobacco, but sugar has also been confiscated.   Apparently officially tolerated.
  8. Refusal to permit cars hired in Gibraltar to enter Spain
  9. Harrassment of cruise liner companies which stop at Gibraltar. (Stopped 2005 when threatened with prosecution via EU)
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