Due to the Spanish request for joint control over Gibraltar Harbour, and the likelihood of any response by the British Government being vertebrally challenged, we are inviting prospective applicants for the position of:

Port Liaison Officer (Naval) Kingdom of España Representative

Applicants for this vitally challenging position should preferably have:

  • experience of Foreign Affairs (former or serving Foreign Ministers will be most welcome)
  • must be a Spanish national (EU exemption obtained)
  • physical fitness/ability to swim not required
  • proven ability to demonstrate the depths to which Spanish officialdom will sink
Benefits package includes:
  • Spacious office suite with 360 sea views
  • Specially-made custom footwear by Readimix
  • All the seafood you can handle!
  • Own locker (Davey Jones variety)
Applicants (after obtaining complimentary footwear) should present themselves for interview to Kan Grejos and T. Buron at 'C' floor, South Mole, Gibraltar in person. Please quote reference FISHFOOD.