Episode 1: Rubble

Translation of taped conversation that took place in [DELETED] last month. While the transcript has been altered to remove incriminating names, we believe the conversations took place as stated.

[SUBJECT 95]: ...so, once we actually get joint control of this airport, what do we do next?

[SUBJECT 23] We start by getting our people in the tower. Then, once the fuss has died down, we insist on a safety inspection.

95: Why would we do that?

23: Because most of the runway was built in a rush over WWII, so, of course, it will subside if not completely overhauled from the foundations up- you get the picture? I'm sure our inspectors can put it in more technical language.

95: Brilliant , sir, but won't the [DELETED] object?

23: Of course not- especially as we will offer to fund the work ourselves.

95: WE fund it? That would be madness!

23: Well, we would naturally fund the demolition work, but I'm sure we can have a "funding crisis" to prevent us completing it.

95: Excellent- so they're left with a pile of rubble! You really do know how to come up with the best plans, sir! In fact, the financial crisis in our [DELETED] area arising from our increased restrictions will make the cuts plausible.

23: Now, we need to plan the next stage...}

The transcript above will be denied by the government involved. Attempting to verify this information through normal channels is not advisable. Any resemblance between the characters and any person, living or dead, is probably purely coincidental.

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