Ep5: The riot act

Translation of taped conversation that took place in [DELETED] last month. While the transcript has been altered to remove incriminating names, we believe the conversations took place as stated.

[SUBJECT 95]: So why on Earth, if we're trying to get the rest of [DELETED] to think that [AREA01] is completely unimportant, why do we want to station troops and ships there, and keep other troops out?

[SUBJECT 23]: Some of the troops and sailors there are part of the operation. They will cause fights between themselves and the local implanted population.

95: What operation?

23: The operation to secure our ultimate objective, you fool. Say no more, even this place may not be secure. In any event, we will have to insist on bringing in our own military police to "help them keep order". The fights will, naturally, be blamed on the local population. Other countries' servicemen would complicate the matter- they might be impartial, and we can't afford that. Then the sequence of events will escalate.

95: You mean more fighting? But won't this harden the local stand against us?

23: Irrelevant, it'll just play into our hands. There will probably be full-scale riots. We can then say that the local government is incapable of controlling its people, and step in to assist them.

95: You mean- take over! It's brilliant! But won't [DELETED] object?

23: But they can do nothing once we're in.

95: What about the last time our allies did that? They were thrown out in no time at all! And the local population won't stand aside and let us stay.

23: You really are getting tiresome, can't we just concentrate on the objective instead of whining?

95: But even the current plan isn't working, this one will lose us everything! Even our own people won't stand for it!

23: Well, we can't carry on as we are. If we don't get results soon, our own people will start hearing the other side of the story, and some of them will believe it. That's unacceptable.

95: Well, it is a free society. What if they're right?

23: Things were so much simpler... If they're right, what have we been working on for the past thirty -odd years! We need to complete the project or we'll be shut down!

95: And if we do complete the project, we'll be shut down anyway.

23: S*#$, you're right. Maybe we should just let the current situation drag out until after I retire.

95: Isn't what your predecessor said?

23: Strangely enough, yes. I guess that then it'll be up to you...

The transcript above will be denied by the government involved. Attempting to verify this information through normal channels is not advisable.

Any resemblance between the characters and any person, living or dead, is probably purely coincidental.