Translation of taped conversation that took place in <DELETED> on <DELETED>. While the transcript has been altered to remove incriminating names, we believe the conversations took place as stated.

<SUBJECT 95>: It seems that THEIR government is trying to set up a propaganda centre here. That would allow them to directly lobby our own people! Are we doing anything about it?

<SUBJECT 23>: Don't worry it's under control. They won't be allowed into the building they plan to occupy.

95: But for what reason? It has to appear plausible, we're getting enough pressure for being heavy-handed as it is. Don't forget we're supposed to be "conciliatory" to support the other "generous" proposals we're putting forward.

23: It's quite simple really- they can't occupy the building because to do so would violate fire regulations.

95: But the building's a modern office block- what's so unusual about their setup that would violate fire regulations?

23: Well, there's lot's of paper, brochures, probably even loads of flags they plan to store there. Very flammable!

95: But most of the other offices will have large paper stocks as well- what would be different in this case?

23: Their stocks would be far more likely to ignite than anything else in the building.

95: Why would that be?

23: Well, <SUBJECT 4752> would be paying them a visit.

95: But he's a convicted arsonist- OH, I see...

The transcript above will be denied by the government involved. Attempting to verify this information through normal channels is not advisable.

Any resemblance between the characters and any person, living or dead, is probably purely coincidental.