Translation of taped conversation that took place in <DELETED> on <DELETED>. While the transcript has been altered to remove incriminating names, we believe the conversations took place as stated.

<SUBJECT 95>: I'm a little puzzled by the statement this minister made after his negotiations in <DELETED>.

<SUBJECT23>: In what way? I wrote it myself.

<SUBJECT 95>: He's taken an agreement designed to help us with our problems and blamed the problems on THEM!

<SUBJECT 23>: That's standard procedure- what's wrong with it?

<SUBJECT 95>: If you look at it from THEIR point of view, he's either lying if he knows the facts, or stupid if he's just putting out our usual line without checking his facts!

<SUBJECT 23>: None of them check the "facts" anymore, they just believe what we tell them. Soon enough, what we tell them will BE the "facts".

<SUBJECT 95>: But he's just sabotaged the agreement he just set up! By insulting and alienating the very people he just negotiated co-operation with, he's probably doomed the agreement to failure!

<SUBJECT 23>: That's also part of the plan.

<SUBJECT 95>: In what way?

<SUBJECT 23>: When the agreement fails, we will, naturally, blame THEM! We can't lose!

<SUBJECT 95>: I see what you mean...

The transcript above will be denied by the government involved. Attempting to verify this information through normal channels is not advisable.

Any resemblance between the characters and any person, living or dead, is probably purely coincidental.