The Master Plan

Translation of taped conversation that took place in <DELETED> on <DELETED>. While the transcript has been altered to remove incriminating names, we believe the conversations took place as stated.


<SUBJECT 95>:  So what exactly is our real plan in respect of <AREA01>?  Nothing that has been made public is even remotely deliverable, and you've said you never intended to deliver it.

<SUBJECT23>:  Of course, the original plan goes back to the days of <SUBJECT01>, all I've done is bring it up to date.  First, we take over <AREA01> by what ever means is available.  We make what ever deal we have to to bring this about.

95: But we never carry out our part of the deal?

23: Of course not, once <AREA01> is ours to do with as we wish, anything else is irrelevant.  Next, we get rid of the inhabitants and replace them with our own people.

95: How do we do that without causing outcry?  You don't mean kill them, surely?

23: That won't be necessary.  First we close down "redundant units".  The airport, the port, the civil service, the finance centre, etcetera.  All of these compete with our existing institutions and must be closed.

95: But that will cause massive unemployment!  Their tourist trade will collapse!

23: Exactly.  The inhabitants will be forced to seek work elsewhere.  Of course, they will encounter "difficulties" getting work locally, so they'll be forced to emigrate. 

95: And those that don't?

23: No job, no social security, no pension- they'll have to leave!

95: But <AREA01> has adequate funding provisions for these- won't they be passed on to us?

23: Of course, but we'll say it never happenned and that THEIR people embezzled it.

95: And the money?

23: To the victor, the spoils...

The transcript above will be denied by the government involved. Attempting to verify this information through normal channels is not advisable.

Any resemblance between the characters and any person, living or dead, is probably purely coincidental.