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Gibraltar Action Group
How You Can Help!

Petition the UN to visit Gibraltar

Petition is posted online- click above to read and sign.

Sunday 24th November Trafalgar Square noon

See pictures

London demo 8th November

In support of the Gibraltar Women's Association vigil outside the Convent on the 8th November, the Gibraltar Action Group held a vigil outside Downing Street on the same day in support of the Gibraltar Referendum result. We want the British government to recognise our second act of self-determination as valid and legally binding. Remember- if it's "eccentric" then it must be more British, not less democratic! Watch this space for details- or sign up to our mailing list. See pictures.

New campaign-

Where's Your Flag?

Fly a Gibraltar flag in support of Gibraltar. If you don't have one- buy it from here! Then take a photo and send me a picture, which I'll post on this website. Anywhere in the world will do!

If you have Press contacts, please pass them on.
Go to http://groups.msn.com/GibraltarAction for our mailing list and calendar of all Gibraltar events.

The Gibraltar government have set up an Internet support page http://support.gibraltar.gov.uk which they invite you to visit and forward to family, friends and colleagues who may wish to support us.

Online petition: "Gibraltar Must Be Free To Choose Its Own Sovereignty" hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition service, at: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/gib1/

To learn more about the London Gibraltarian Society group, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LONGIBSOC They have an e-mail list, sign up for latest protest news.

The Plymouth Golden Hinde Association website

Conservative Friends of Gibraltar

Declaration of Unity

In the light of recent events, with the UK having further given way on our EU rights, please send our Declaration of Unity to your MP/MEP and Minister for Europe. His e-mail is: ministereurope@fco.gov.uk

General lobbying

You can also write to your MP, MEP or government representative to lobby on the following:

  • Rejection of the Matutes Proposals (rejected in a petition containing the signatures of 88% of the electorate) by the UK government. (2001: HMG has now promised to do this- and broke their promise!)
  • Giving Gibraltar the Eurovote in time for the 2004 elections. Legislation MUST be enacted in this autumn's (2002) Queen's Speech in order to be ready in time!(UK/EU)
  • Terminating the Brussels Process, unless Gibraltar has its own voice (UK/EU)
  • Initiating sanctions, either by the UK, or with EU and NATO backup, against Spain until she removes her restrictions against Gibraltar. (These restrictions affect all EU citizens and NATO operations.)

Points to mention: (please put in your own words) that the European Court of Human Rights ruled that we had the right to a Eurovote, and that the UK is obliged to put this into effect in time for the EU elections in 2004, that the Spanish government spends much time and energy falsely maligning Gibraltar's good name, and EU representation would be a way of redressing that balance.

The address to write to is:

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA, UK

To find your MP click here or use: www.faxyourmp.com


  1. write to your MP - details how here
    • express your concern/revulsion at Jack Straw's statement
    • suggest he resign/be impeached/a vote of no confidence in him and Peter Hain.
    • remind them Mr. Straw apparently "misled the House" (source- Foreign Affairs Cttee) over the so-called "pensions scam".
    • keep it polite and to the point- rude rants get binned.
  2. form/join support groups - how to campaign
    • there is one in Plymouth, and I am happy to act as initial focus for any other UK group until they are able to self-organise. See also: http://groups.msn.com/GibraltarAction and sign up to the mailing list.
    • organise something (see demo pics on my website) tell the police/press in advance. Sept 26th there is a debate in Plymouth, Sept 10th is Gibraltar National Day (celebrates last Referendum)
  3. write to the Gibraltar government to express your support: e-mail: info@gibraltar.gov.uk (UK) govsec@gibnet.gi (Gibraltar)
    • ask for "Keep Gibraltar British" car stickers and lapel pins.
  4. talk to other people- if they're keen pass on these tips! Please add more suggestions if you have them.


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