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27th September 2002 FCO Demo

FCO demo

Around 20 people attended the Gibraltar Action Group demo outside the FCO on Friday 27th. Some came and went, so aren't in the above group photo. Thanks to all who attended!

We were rewarded by a visit from the Chief Minister and Albert Poggio, who were at the FCO, and stopped to speak to us on his way out. Diplomats from the Overseas Territories, who had also passed a motion supporting Gibraltar's self-determination and Austria were visiting and stopped to read the banners. It is not known if Ana de Palacio saw the protest, but some of her staff, who left by the normal exit, certainly did!

GAG hopes to participate in the Plymouth-based Golden Hinde Association's rally in Trafalgar Square, provisionally set for Sunday 24th November. More details when available.

Demo details:

  • When: 27th September 12noon-5pm
  • Where: Outside FCO London
  • Why: Visit from Ana de Palacio, Spanish Foreign Minister
  • Who: Me and as many Gibraltar supporters as possible!
  • How: Noisily!
  • Bring: Gibraltar and Union flags, banners, friends!


On Friday 27th September 2002, between 12noon and 5pm, the Gibraltar Action group will be holding a demonstration outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London.

This coincides with the visit by the Spanish Foreign Minister, Ana de Palacio, and the objective is to support Gibraltar's right to determine its own future (self-determination) and protest the blackmail of the Spanish government in harassing the Gibraltarian people, as well as the sell-out proposed by Foreign Minister Jack Straw in July.

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