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Gibraltar Action Group demo

24th November 2002 Downing Street

About 30 people got to the demo, and nearly 100 signed the petition we handed in to Downing Street in support of Gibraltar's Referendum, and calling on Jack Straw to withdraw his statement on joint sovereignty. We only collected signatures in the one and a half hours we were at Whitehall, so good going there. We later laid a wreath at the Cenotaph, with the message: "Gibraltar - still by your side". This was done in memory of those Gibraltarians who have fought beside their British counterparts for freedom and democracy - the same ideals we are fighting for today.

Higher resolution shots available from John Borda on: Some pictures are big, so they may take time to appear!

The crowd The crowd and posters
The youngest activists!The youngest activists!
Collecting signatures can be fun!Collecting signatures can be fun!
Close-up on the groupClose-up on the group
Outside10 Downing Street Outside10 Downing Street with the petition- only a small group allowed.
HHanding in the petitionanding in the petition
At the CenotaphAt the Cenotaph. Plaque reads "Gibraltar - still by your side" laid to honor the Gibraltarians who fought alongside the British.
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