Plymouth demo

24th July 2003

First draft- may add more pictures and text later! Click to get an enlarged picture. All images © John Borda 2003. Please credit if reproducing elsewhere.
House of Commons
Plymouth Group meets Andrew Rosindell, MP at the House of Commons
Having tea and a discussion with Andrew Rosindell in the "Strangers Bar" of the House. Mr. Rosindell was very receptive to the Plymouth group's concerns. Of note was that he considered it as unthinkable to ditch Gibraltar as Plymouth or Romford, that he supported their appeal, and may even put forward an Early Day Motion in the House for the George Cross for Gibraltar. He admitted that previous Conservative administrations were soft on Spain over Gibraltar.
Electoral Commission
Handing in a petition at the Electoral Commission, to have Gibraltar included with the South West Euro constituency.
No 10
Outside 10 Downing Street
Petition handover
Handing in the petition