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The “Keep Gibraltar British” Awards 2010


With politicians north of the border spouting ever more right-wing rhetoric, it seems that an all-out war over Gibraltar's territorial waters may be inevitable. So, in time-honoured fashion, the Gibraltar Action Group chooses the sharpest weapon in its armoury- it's wit!

So, for the amusement of Gibraltarians and Spaniards alike, and to send up the woefully misdirected “orgullo nacional” of our wannabe colonial masters, the GAG announces the start of the Keep Gibraltar British awards.

The purpose of the award is to highlight the public figure or organization which has done the most to “Keep Gibraltar British”. The candidates to vote for are:

  1. Alejandro “el peaje” Sanchez, alcalde of La Linea de la Congestion
    -for attempted sabotage of his own economy, and jollies to Brussels and erecting silly roadsigns while his town is bankrupt. Also an increasingly slippery grip on reality.
  2. Juan Carlos Juarez, former alcalde of La Linea de la Corrupción
    -for demonstrating the outstanding values that Spain tries to share with the world (which we don't want here!)
  3. Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Spanish Minister for Colonizing Gibraltar
    -for saying Gibraltar has no territorial waters, and thus inciting acts of violence in the Bay of Gibraltar
  4. Jose Ignacio Landaluce, MP for Cadiz
    - for repeated inaccurate and misleading pronouncements about Gibraltar
  5. The Guardia Civil at the frontier
    - for slowing down the frontier traffic for no good reason
  6. The GC/SVA maritime divisions
    - for repeated incursions into Gibraltar's territorial waters, assaults on Gibraltar's police, helping a prisoner to abscond from lawful custody...etc.
  7. Generalissimo Fransisco “el Caudillo” Franco
    -for inventing the “big lie”- Gibraltar español- and starting the Spanish tradition of abuse against Gibraltarians that has kept us free from Spain to this day!

The poll will remain open until the 17th December, after which the results will be published.



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